How to order

To order items in our store, you just need to choose the required quantity and press Buy near the photo and your chosen goods will be added into a basket.


Quantity of beads per package is shown on the flypage. The quantity of beads must be a multiple of their quantity per package. For example, if there are 60 beads in a package, you can add 60, 120, 180 or so on into the basket.

You can view a more detailed image of items in the following way: enter the flypage and press on the image of the goods. One or more large pictures will appear, in which items will be shown from different angles.

Content represented on this website is for information purposes only and cannot contain true information about qualities and specifications of the items including their color. If you have any questions concerning qualities and specifications of our goods, please contact us before ordering.

After you have added all the items into the basket, press Proceed to Checkout in the Basket section (upper right corner of the screen).
Please fill in all the necessary information and then click Place My Order. 
It is important to fill in your details (name, postcode, address, email etc.) correctly! A customer is liable for accuracy and validity of his/her personal details.

After you have placed your order, we will send a confirmation letter with your order details to the mentioned email address. 
Then we will contact you in 1-2 working days to specify payment details.

Your chosen items will be reserved for 5 days, within which you should send us your payment. 

Order will be shipped within 1-2 days upon your payment to the address you mentioned during ordering process.

Our store doesn't have any limitations regarding the total price of the order. 

Before ordering we advise you to read more detailed information about payment and shipping conditions.