Payment for the order

All orders must be paid in full.


For non-EU countries prices do not include 21%.

For EU countries prices include 21% VAT.


You can choose one of the following payment methods:


Payment Methods 


Payment with a bank card 

We accept the following bank cards: VISA and MasterCard.Your card must have CVC or CVC2 code as only cards with this code can be used for Internet purchases. Please note, that Russian banks prohibit any Internet transactions with debit cards. As a rule, they suggest to issue an Internet card in addition to your debit card. There are no such restrictions for cards ussied outside Russia.   

To receive payments made by bank cards we use PayPal. PayPal advantage is that you don't need to register in this system, just to fill in your details when making a payment. 

You will then receive confirmation letter from PayPal.


Payment with PayPal

If you wish to pay via PayPal, it is better to choose your preferable currency while making an order. Usually that is US dollars or Euro. If you are used to pay in Russian rubles, we will provide you with the current Euro exchange rate and count the exact sum you are to pay in our confirmation letter.


You will then receive confirmation letter of your payment from PayPal.


 Western Union Money Transfer

Money transfer with Western Union is a fast and safe way to send your money. Residents of over 200 countries can use Western Union - your country is surely in this list. 
After the money is sent, you will have to inform us about the exact sum and tracking number of the transfer, which you will get in the office of Western Union. These details are required toreceive the transfer.

Payment conditions

We strive to carefully process your order. That is why in 1 day upon receipt of your order we will check the availability of all beads in our stock. After that we will send you payment details.


After we have sent you the payment details, we will be waiting for your payment for 5 working days and all the ordered beads will be reserved. 

In case you are not able to pay during this period of time, but you want to pay anyway, contact as soon as possible. Together we will think of a solution to reserve your beads for a longer time.

Please send the confirmation letter with payment details after you have made the payment. That will help us to track your payment and avoid any problems with loss of your money or wrong details.

Please save all payment documents till receipt of your order.


It is time to open our catalogue and buy beads :)